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Dr. Sharon Yadin is a research fellow at the University of Haifa Faculty of Law and a leading, internationally recognized expert on law and regulation. She has published two books and over 20 articles in prestigious platforms. Her work is frequently cited by the Israeli Supreme Court and her thesis on regulatory contract doctrine was accepted into Israeli law in a precedential ruling on the natural gas regulation. Dr. Yadin earned her doctorate degree in law from 

Tel-Aviv University, and her post-doctorate from The Hebrew University. Her current research focuses on soft regulatory strategies employed by administrative agencies, such as contractual regulation and regulation by shaming. She has also worked on projects that aim to shed light on the digital aspects of the administrative state. In her work, Dr. Yadin developed new concepts to better understand the modern regulatory state, such as regulatory shaming, e-regulation, and regulatory literacy, and analyzed their normative and theoretical implications in depth.   

Dr. Yadin has won several scholarships and academic awards, including the Gorney Award for young public law scholars, the Lakers Prize for best media regulation paper, the Lady Davis post-doctoral scholarship and the Zvi Meitar doctoral scholarship. She has also received various research grants and teaching awards. Her work has been published in prominent journals such as Yale Journal on Regulation Bulletin, Harvard Business Law Review Online, Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal, Cardozo Arts & Entertainment Law Journal and Environmental Law.



Israel’s Law and Regulation After the Gas Discoveries, in Israel: Values, Effectiveness, Methods (Eyal Tevet & Itzhak Galnoor eds., Palgrave Macmillan, forthcoming 2020) – Please Email me for a PDF copy

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Shaming Big Pharma, 36 Yale Journal on Regulation Bulletin 131 (2019)

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Regulation and the Separation of Powers, 28 Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal 357 (2019) (with Ariel Bendor)

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Too Small to Fail: State Bailouts and Capture by Industry Underdogs, 43 Capital University Law Review 889 (2015)


New Regulation: A Revolution in Public Law (Hebrew, 2018)

Regulation: Administrative Law in the Age of Regulatory Contracts (Hebrew, 2016)


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